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Branded promotional products
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UK suppliers of Gas & Electric are finding themselves in an extremely competitive market, where they’re having to work hard to retain market share.


For utility companies, a magnet featuring their company’s logo, contact telephone number, website address and an emergency contact number is the perfect promotional tool that can be mailed out with quarterly bills - at no extra postage cost! 


By having details prominently displayed in the home companies project an image of trustworthiness and dependability, backed-up by the ease with which your customer can contact you.


For gas customers who live in rented accommodation, a magnet could prove particularly useful in providing an ‘at a glance’ record of when the boiler was last inspected for the annual Landlord Gas Safety Certificate.


In addition to promoting your contact details, our magnets could help you to encourage your customers to reduce energy & water consumption, by offering a selection of tips which could be viewed by all members of the household.


Unlike a website,or a traditional paper booklet/leaflet (which often gets ‘filed’ in the back of a drawer or thrown away), a flexible magnet tends to be stuck up as soon as it is received, providing continued awareness among all family members, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.