Mission Highlights
Micro has grown from a small operation running out of a loft in Witney, staffed by few operatives. Today the Agency heads up projects for clients ranging from not-for-profits to large corporations across the UK, sourcing from both the UK and the far-east with the strictest compliance in mind. The story so far...

Mission: Australia


Dave and Phee holiday in Australia where they realised a gap in the UK market for fridge magnets.

Founders Leave for Covert Operation


Founders, Dave and Phee left the UK for a covert operation down under.

Moved Headquarters to The Barrel House


Headquarters moved to the old distillery for the local brewery, "The Barrel House", with secret passages and all intact for a more covert operation.

Paul Faulkner Appointed to head-up "Operation Micro"


Paul Faulkner appointed to Micro after spending 20 years in the field (with motors).

Bespoke Cyber Software Created

May 2009

Micro got high-tech with the release of bespoke internal software to effectively track client projects.

Micromarketing was Born


Over its entire operation, Micromagnetics developed from a promotional magnet supplier to a promotional merchandise supplier and creative agency. Micromagnetics was no longer representative of the full product and service portfolio, leading to the name change, "Micromarketing".

Childhood Poisoning Campaign


Working alongside RoSPA, Micro developed a bespoke product, the "Mag-Pad", to communicate key messages to targetted regions of the UK in the aim to educate and prevent incidents. The successful campaign is still in operation with incidents reduced as much as 50% in certain cases.

Mission to the Far-East


Far-East production audits were ongoing over this period to ensure compliance standards were upheld and standard practice.

The Micro Mission


The staff at Micro are focused on world domination. The passionate team are pulling together to disrupt the norm and take the world by storm. Micro endeavour to be the most innovative Promotional Product Agency for clients all over the world.