The Power of Promotional Products

Research Into The Power of Promotional Products for B2B Marketing
With research conducted by the BPMA, (British Promotional Merchandise Association), we explore the power of promotional products in a B2B environment.

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The BPMA, (British Promotional Merchandise Association), carried out 200 face to face interviews with qualified professional buyers of promotional products. 79% stated that they feel appreciated when they receive a promotional gift, 47% stated that they feel happy and 21% said impressed.

How People Feel When Receiving a Promotional Gift

What Qualities Make the Perfect Promotional Gift?


If you are looking to make an impact with your promotional products campaign then bear in mind that 50% of professionals interviewed value usefulness.

Practical gifts include items such as combi-pads for the desk, notebooks, Mag-Padsshopper bags, drinkware, power banks and other technology.

The Power of Promotional Products
The Power of Promotional Products

Suitability will vary so careful thought needs to go into what constitutes as "useful" for a particular audience.

A marketing professional may value a beautiful notebook and pen set whereas a healthcare professional may value a foldable water bottle, helping them to stay hydrated on-the-go.

Other Useful Promotional Products


How Many Promotional Products Are on Your Desk?

When asked how many promotional products were on their desk, an astonishing 89% had at least one, and 44% had four or more!

  • 11% Have None
  • 89% Have 1+
  • 81% Have 2+
  • 44% Have 4+

Nearly half of the respondents had four or more promotional products on their desk!

The Power of Promotional Products
The Power of Promotional Products

Most Common Items On Desks

Pens were the most common promotional product that could be found on respondents desks.

  • Pens 66%
  • Notebooks 43%
  • Mugs 20%
  • Coasters 17%

Does this mean you should also get yourself some branded pens to compete with a busy pen pot, or should you take some time to search for something truly unique and useful that they may not already have? (Of course, when we say "you" we really mean "entrust us to do all the hard work for you"!)

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The Power of Promotional Products